Contact with Birth Parents After Adoption

One of the biggest questions women ask when considering adoption for their child is, “Will I have contact with them after the adoption?” Birth mothers and adoptive parents wonder if it will confuse their child to have relationships with both families. The bottom line is maintaining a connection between the biological and adoptive families is

What They Don’t Tell You About Adoption

Adoption can be a confusing topic filled with misunderstanding. You may have heard both good and bad adoption stories, but no one usually talks about the feeling of loss, the judgment others make, or the satisfaction you can feel knowing you did what was best for your child. Adoption Involves Loss There is no other

5 Tips for Your First Conversation with the Adoptive Parents

By now, you’ve shared with your adoption coordinator what you are looking for in a potential adoptive couple. You’ve poured through a few bios and selected a couple you feel connected to.  Have you decided to meet before the baby is born? Here are five tips to guide you through what hopefully will be an

Is Adoption Giving My Baby Away?

Phrases like “giving my baby away” and “giving up my baby” are part of the hurtful misunderstandings of adoption. A woman who chooses adoption for her child never “gives away” or “gives up.” Her adoption plan means she is taking charge of her future and her child’s future. Why Do People Say “Giving Away”? Before,

Can I Place My Baby for Adoption Even if the Birth Father Disagrees?

Every state has different adoption laws. A birth father’s rights vary from state to state. In Missouri, usually both birth parents must consent to the adoption. However, there are exceptions to the rule. A Birth Father’s Rights Are Complicated Relationships can be messy, and any number of scenarios could result in an unplanned pregnancy. For

How Do I Tell the Children I’m Raising that I’m Placing This Baby for Adoption?

An unplanned pregnancy is complex, no matter what your situation. If you’re already raising children and don’t feel you have the resources for another, you may want to consider making an adoption plan.  It is not uncommon for single or married mothers to consider placing a second, third, or fourth child for adoption. But remember,

How Do Adoption Agencies Help Birth Mothers with Expenses?

Deciding what to do about your unplanned pregnancy is one of the most significant decisions for your future. Consider making an adoption plan. You pay nothing for our services, and in many cases, we can assist you with pregnancy-related expenses such as rent, food, utilities, and medical fees. Although placing your child for adoption isn’t

3 Adoption Agency Myths

Misunderstandings and myths surround adoption. Well-meaning friends and family might say, “You’re giving up your baby to strangers,” “Your child will hate you,” and “You will regret it for the rest of your life.” These myths have been around for decades, and it’s time to straighten out the facts. Myth 1 “You’re giving up your

5 Reasons Why Placing Your Baby for Adoption Can Help You

An unexpected pregnancy is upsetting, even frightening, depending on your situation. In deciding how to handle it, you need to consider finances, future plans, current responsibilities, and your emotional and physical support. As you consider your next step, placing your child for adoption can be the answer to your situation. 1. Finances No reputable adoption

5 Resources for Birthmothers Considering Adoption

As the idea of being unexpectedly pregnant begins to sink in, you start thinking about your options. Perhaps you’ve wondered about making an adoption plan, but you don’t know much about it.  To learn more, check out your local pregnancy resource center, the Department of Social Services, the Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys,

How to Pick the Right Adoption Agency

Are you looking for a solution to your unplanned pregnancy? If you’re considering placing your child for adoption, we suggest you choose an adoption agency that focuses on you.  The adoption process can be stressful for everyone involved, but you should work with an agency that supports you emotionally and physically. Your needs must come

Will Roe v. Wade Overturning Change the Adoption Process?

The overturning of Roe v. Wade has upended a lot of services. Each state’s abortion clinics, doctors, and lawyers are trying to figure out what can and can’t happen regarding abortion. The adoption process has been changing for decades, and changes will continue. Why Choose Adoption? Abortion is illegal in Missouri except in the case

5 Ways to Educate Yourself About Adoption Agencies

Many families today are created through adoption. If you’re considering placing your child for adoption, learn as much as possible by researching, joining support groups, interviewing agencies, and more. Understanding the process and who to work with is the only way to know if adoption is right for you. Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe

Which Adoption Plan Is Right For Me?

If you are considering placing your child for adoption, you may be wondering about the different adoption plans and which one is best. You have three choices: open, semi-open, and closed. The right plan depends on how much contact you want with the adoptive family and your child after the finalization. The Three Adoption Plans

What Adoption Looks Like Post Roe v. Wade

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade, several states have banned abortion completely or at least after a certain number of weeks.  For instance, Missouri outlaws abortion unless the mother’s health is at stake. You must travel to another state to get an abortion, which isn’t always easy. If it is illegal to get

What to Look For in an Adoption Agency

For potential adoptive couples, the adoption process can feel long and tedious. But finding the right adoption agency makes the process easier. Here are a few suggestions when searching for the best adoption agency.   Where To Begin 1. Do they offer the type of adoption you are interested in? Not all agencies provide every kind

How Adoption Agencies Help Birth Mothers

If you are an expectant mother or have already given birth, an unplanned pregnancy is difficult no matter what your situation. If parenting your child isn’t possible, we can help you.  Through A Gift Of Hope Adoptions, our Adoption Counselors will help you determine if adoption is the right choice for you. Plus, we may

How to Select the Best Adoption Agency in Missouri for Your Child

When considering placing your child for adoption, you want the most reputable, full-service agency available. Selecting the right adoption agency depends on your individual needs. Here are 8 things to consider when looking for the best adoption agency in Missouri. What To Look For If a birth mother is expecting or recently gave birth, she

Will I Have a Relationship with My Child if I Place Them for Adoption?

If you’re considering placing your child for adoption after birth, you likely have many questions. Many women wonder what kind of relationship they will have with their child after placing him or her for adoption.  The good news? You are in control of the adoption process and you can choose the type of adoption you

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Elizabeth and A Gift of Hope have been a touchstone during our adoption process. Having had issues with a previous agency – Elizabeth was a breath of fresh air! Reassuring, supportive and empathetic. We are so in love with our daughter and thank A Gift of Hope everyday for her!

AGOHA is a great agency that has provided amazing support and guidance though the adoption process. Would highly recommend AGOHA!

Our family has used their services for adoption. It’s wonderful dealing with someone who is looking out for the whole child, not just placing kids.

A Gift of Hope Adoptions is a Godsend for so many expectant young mothers. I completely recommend this organization for anyone interested in providing a wonderful life for their soon-to-be baby. This organization is also a Godsend for those of us who cannot have our own biological children.

I have recommended A Gift of Hope Adoptions to several mother’s considering adoptions for their babies. They have been so happy to feel supported and empowered through their decision.
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“We adopted both of our sons through A Gift of Hope Adoptions. They helped us every step of the way and answered all the questions we had, and we had a lot! We would not be where we are today, with two busy boys in our family, if it wasn’t for A Gift of Hope.”

“We decided to use A Gift of Hope Adoptions because they are very personal and caring. The wait and uncertainty of adoption seemed daunting, but A Gift of Hope helped make the process go smoothly, and we couldn’t be happier with our beautiful child.”