Is Abortion or Adoption Right for Me?

Facing an unplanned pregnancy means you have a big decision to make. Should you choose to have an abortion or make an adoption plan? Neither choice is easy to make, but they have very different outcomes. Only you can decide what’s best for you. Let’s take a closer look. Have You Confirmed Your Pregnancy? This

I’ve Already Had an Abortion and Don’t Want Another One. What are My Options?

Various studies have shown a connection between abortion and emotional health for some women. Although many women feel relief immediately following their abortion, some feel sadness, guilt, and anxiety about their choice. When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, you have another option. Why not take a closer look at placing your child for adoption? What

Support Services for Birth Parents in Missouri Adoption

If you’ve chosen to place your child for adoption, you have made a courageous and selfless decision. It isn’t easy, but many pregnancy-related support services can assist you. Let the adoption counselors at A Gift of Hope Adoptions provide you with physical and emotional support throughout the process.  Work With a Reputable, Professional Adoption Agency

The Role of Adoption Agencies in Missouri: A Comprehensive Guide

In 2020, the United States had over 95,000 adoptions completed. Many of those adoptions were from foster care or by a stepparent, but that number also includes adoptions through licensed private adoption agencies. An agency’s role is to facilitate adoptions between all parties.  Here is a comprehensive guide to show you what to look for

Open Adoption in Missouri: What do You Need to Know?

The majority of adoptions today are open. What is an open adoption? It means an expectant or birth mother communicates directly with the adoptive couple she selects as her child’s parents.  Learn more about the various adoption plans and how choosing an open adoption could be perfect for you and your child. What are the

The Adoption Process in Missouri: What to Expect

Making an adoption plan for your child is a life-changing experience for everyone involved. For the most part, Missouri adoption laws are similar to other states, but knowing what to expect is essential. From finding the right adoption agency to finalization, here is the process you should follow. Select Your Adoption Specialist When you type

Understanding Adoption Laws and Regulations in Missouri

Creating an adoption plan for a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy or a potential adoptive couple may seem mind-boggling, but it doesn’t have to be. Both parties can be confident when they work with a reputable agency that thoroughly understands its state’s adoption laws. Contact A Gift of Hope Adoptions to learn more about Missouri’s

Can I Get Paid for Putting My Baby Up for Adoption?

Making an adoption plan for your child should cost you nothing. But we are not aware of any State where it is legal for a birth mother to receive payment merely for placing her baby for adoption. Never deal with an agency or adoption coordinator who suggests this. It may be considered a crime  and

How Many Teenage Mothers Put Their Baby Up for Adoption?

The face of adoption today is very different than what people imagine. Although there is no typical birth mother, the image of a desperate pregnant teen who has dropped out of high school, kicked out of her house, and doing drugs isn’t the norm. In fact, most birth mothers today are in their 20s and

Rights of the Birth Mother in Your State

No matter what state you live in, all birth mothers have certain guaranteed rights, such as choosing what’s best for your child. But, in other matters, adoption laws do vary by state. Working with an adoption agency or specialist who understands your state’s rights is vital. Do You Understand Adoption Terms? The adoption process can

Do Teens Have Adoption Rights?

As a teen facing an unexpected pregnancy, you need to know your rights. Every state has different adoption laws, so talking with a reputable adoption agency to know yours is essential. But if you are under 18, you can choose to place your baby for adoption if you feel it is best for both of

Contact with Birth Parents After Adoption

One of the biggest questions women ask when considering adoption for their child is, “Will I have contact with them after the adoption?” Birth mothers and adoptive parents wonder if it will confuse their child to have relationships with both families. The bottom line is maintaining a connection between the biological and adoptive families is

How to Cope with Mood Swings During Pregnancy

The Mayo Clinic lists the early signs of pregnancy. Symptoms include a missed period, tender breasts, fatigue, nausea, and, yes, moodiness. Even though mood swings are a typical pregnancy experience, that doesn’t make them any easier. Concentrate on coping with proper sleep and diet, physical activity, and other techniques.  What Does It Mean to Be

Do My Parents Have to Agree to the Adoption?

Most of us want our parents to approve of the decisions we make in life. But sometimes, it’s necessary to make certain choices they may disagree with. When choosing adoption for your child, your parents do not have to agree with your decision. You can choose what you believe is best for you. If I’m

What They Don’t Tell You About Adoption

Adoption can be a confusing topic filled with misunderstanding. You may have heard both good and bad adoption stories, but no one usually talks about the feeling of loss, the judgment others make, or the satisfaction you can feel knowing you did what was best for your child. Adoption Involves Loss There is no other

5 Tips for Your First Conversation with the Adoptive Parents

By now, you’ve shared with your adoption coordinator what you are looking for in a potential adoptive couple. You’ve poured through a few bios and selected a couple you feel connected to.  Have you decided to meet before the baby is born? Here are five tips to guide you through what hopefully will be an

Is Adoption Giving My Baby Away?

Phrases like “giving my baby away” and “giving up my baby” are part of the hurtful misunderstandings of adoption. A woman who chooses adoption for her child never “gives away” or “gives up.” Her adoption plan means she is taking charge of her future and her child’s future. Why Do People Say “Giving Away”? Before,

Can I Place My Baby for Adoption Even if the Birth Father Disagrees?

Every state has different adoption laws. A birth father’s rights vary from state to state. In Missouri, usually both birth parents must consent to the adoption. However, there are exceptions to the rule. A Birth Father’s Rights Are Complicated Relationships can be messy, and any number of scenarios could result in an unplanned pregnancy. For

How Do I Tell the Children I’m Raising that I’m Placing This Baby for Adoption?

An unplanned pregnancy is complex, no matter what your situation. If you’re already raising children and don’t feel you have the resources for another, you may want to consider making an adoption plan.  It is not uncommon for single or married mothers to consider placing a second, third, or fourth child for adoption. But remember,

How Do Adoption Agencies Help Birth Mothers with Expenses?

Deciding what to do about your unplanned pregnancy is one of the most significant decisions for your future. Consider making an adoption plan. You pay nothing for our services, and in many cases, we can assist you with pregnancy-related expenses such as rent, food, utilities, and medical fees. Although placing your child for adoption isn’t

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Elizabeth and A Gift of Hope have been a touchstone during our adoption process. Having had issues with a previous agency – Elizabeth was a breath of fresh air! Reassuring, supportive and empathetic. We are so in love with our daughter and thank A Gift of Hope everyday for her!

AGOHA is a great agency that has provided amazing support and guidance though the adoption process. Would highly recommend AGOHA!

Our family has used their services for adoption. It’s wonderful dealing with someone who is looking out for the whole child, not just placing kids.

A Gift of Hope Adoptions is a Godsend for so many expectant young mothers. I completely recommend this organization for anyone interested in providing a wonderful life for their soon-to-be baby. This organization is also a Godsend for those of us who cannot have our own biological children.

I have recommended A Gift of Hope Adoptions to several mother’s considering adoptions for their babies. They have been so happy to feel supported and empowered through their decision.
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“We adopted both of our sons through A Gift of Hope Adoptions. They helped us every step of the way and answered all the questions we had, and we had a lot! We would not be where we are today, with two busy boys in our family, if it wasn’t for A Gift of Hope.”

“We decided to use A Gift of Hope Adoptions because they are very personal and caring. The wait and uncertainty of adoption seemed daunting, but A Gift of Hope helped make the process go smoothly, and we couldn’t be happier with our beautiful child.”