If you’re dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, most likely your life feels out of control. Not only are pregnancy hormones raging through your body, but you’re also dealing with everyday life. Maybe you’re in school, working a full-time job, or raising other little ones. 

You’ll be glad to know if you’ve chosen to make an adoption plan for your baby, you have complete control over the process. You choose both the plan that’s best for you and the adoptive parents who will raise your child.

Choosing your adoption plan

Adoption plans are pretty much based on the amount of contact you want to have with the adoptive couple and your child. Today, the majority of adoptions are open. Open adoption means you and the adoptive family swap identifying information. 

You exchange full names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails. Together, you decide how you want to stay in contact. Personal visits, phone calls or texts, and cards and letters, can be arranged. You get the opportunity to know everyone involved.

If you decide you don’t want to have one-on-one contact or you don’t want any contact at all, that’s perfectly fine too. You can choose either a semi-open or closed adoption plan. No plan is better than another. It’s what’s best for you.

Choosing the adoptive parents

Potential adoptive couples go through an intense process to be qualified to adopt. They need to have a home study to make sure their home and other household members are ready to receive a child. They complete criminal background checks, answer questionnaires, provide financial statements, and create a family profile complete with photos.

Women from all different backgrounds choose adoption. What’s important to one woman in an adoptive couple isn’t always important to another. Some women make lists of qualities they’re looking for while others look for just one or two characteristics.

At A Gift of Hope Adoptions, we not only have potential adoptive families that have directly linked with us, but we also have access to families throughout the entire country. You wouldn’t believe the number of couples hoping and waiting to adopt a little child like yours. 

You’ll work with a personal adoption counselor who will walk you through the process of choosing the right adoptive couple. You’ll talk about your dreams for your child. Do you want them to have siblings? Maybe having a particular religious belief or the opportunity for a college education is important. By telling your personal counselor what’s important to you, they’ll be able to show you adoptive family profiles that closely match what you’re looking for. 

Placing your child for adoption with A Gift of Hope Adoptions

By choosing A Gift of Hope Adoptions, you can be confident we’ll work hard to find just the right family. As a licensed Missouri adoption agency, we’re held to the highest legal and ethical rules. We’ll make sure you understand the Missouri adoption process from start to finish. 

We understand how difficult this decision is. We’ll never manipulate or encourage you to make one choice over another. We’re here to listen and hopefully provide answers to your questions. Whether you’re currently expecting or already a mother, contact us today. You have hope for a brighter future. 

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