Your journey through an unexpected pregnancy is a truly personal one. Only you understand your situation. As a result, you are the one to write the next chapter of your story. If your first thought is abortion, think again. There is good news. You have options. 

Adoption Explained

Adoption is a lifelong parenting relationship for a child. Legal adoptions permanently transfer all rights and responsibilities from the biological parent or parents to the adoptive family. Choosing adoption does not make a birth mother (and father, if available) any less of a parent. 

Adoption can be the right choice no matter where you are in your parenting journey.

Some birth mothers or birth families realize they are unable to parent their child weeks, months, or even years after they’ve made the choice to do so. Making an adoption plan for their child is just as valid as the woman waiting to give birth. Deciding to put your child first by choosing adoption is one of the most difficult, yet loving decisions any woman can make.

An Open Adoption

Open adoption builds a strong bond between your child, you, and the adoptive family. You can choose to exchange all identifying information such as full names, phone numbers, emails, and addresses or limit contact to just phone calls or FB messages. Through open adoption, the birth family becomes an extension of the adoptive family, creating relationships to benefit everyone involved. 

In the beginning, birth parents and the adoptive couple often feel an awkward tension. It’s very understandable. A birth mother worries the adoptive family won’t recognize her as a mother. The adoptive family fears the relationship will be too confusing for their child. 

Don’t worry if it sounds a bit overwhelming. Adoption, no matter what type you choose, requires all parties to trust one another before, during, and after placement. It is not a situation of “shared custody” or “co-parenting.” You’re creating a complete circle for your child’s story. By being involved in their life, you can explain how you chose adoption out of love.

At A Gift of Hope, our counselors will walk everyone through the process of open adoption. They are available to listen and provide information to assist you in making your decision. We want to discuss your current situation with you and how we might help now and in the future. 

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Give us a call and set up an appointment to look more closely at the option of adoption. Our adoption services are always free to our expectant mothers and birth parent clients. No one can or should make this decision for you, but we can help. At this very moment, you are writing the next chapter of your life’s story.  We know it will be beautiful. 

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