Family with semi-open adoption

Making an adoption plan for your child is a very personal decision. Only you know if adoption is the right choice. It requires a lot of thought, sacrifices, and a willingness to be open about your life and your future. 

As you continue to make your plan, you’ll be asked about the future relationship you’d like to have with your child and the adoptive family. Because you’re the expectant or birth mother, you get to make those important choices for you and your child if you’d like.

Types of Adoption Plans

There are three main adoption plans. Each has pros and cons depending on your personality, the reason you’re choosing adoption, and what you want for your future. No one plan is better than another. You choose the plan that’s right for you.

Open Adoption

An open adoption plan gives you the opportunity to get to know your child and their adoptive family. Together, you exchange identifying information like full names, addresses, and phone numbers. You both agree to communicate openly and regularly. There’s even the possibility of spending time with one another.

Closed Adoption

With a closed adoption plan, no identifying information is shared. You may know one another’s first names, but the original birth certificate with the birth mother’s and father’s names and addresses are sealed. There’s no further contact once the adoption is completed.

Semi-Open Adoption Plan

Like a closed adoption, no identifying information is shared between the birth family and adoptive family, except for first names. You still send and receive information but it isn’t through direct contact. All of your correspondence with each other is handled through a third party like your adoption specialist.

Adoptive parents send letters, cards, and photos to the adoption agency who would then forward them on to the birth mother. In return, the birth mother and family can send letters and photos indirectly as well. 

Pros of Semi-Open Adoption:

  • The ability for everyone to maintain a sense of privacy
  • Some communication and photos reassure the right decision was made
  • The opportunity to see your child is safe and happy helps provide closure
  • A relationship can still be established without the pressure of active contact

Cons of Semi-Open Adoption:

  • For some women, it can make it harder to find closure and move on
  • You don’t have full anonymity
  • It might be more difficult to build a relationship with your child and their family
  • You can feel obligated to continue contact

Moving On With A Semi-Open Adoption Plan

At any point in time, a semi-open plan can switch to an open adoption plan if all parties agree. If you want a small measure of contact while also remaining anonymous, a semi-open plan is best for you.

You and the agency you choose to work with should talk thoroughly about your expectations for the adoption. There shouldn’t be any surprises, questions, or manipulation. By working with A Gift of Hope Adoptions, an adoption care coordinator will come alongside you to determine which adoption plan is right for you. 

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