We’re not surprised you’re here. You’re a woman who feels passionately about your future and the future of your child. You only want what’s best no matter what that means. So you’re looking at all of your options. 

This is hard, and we’ll never downplay how painful it is to consider placing your child for adoption. But we also won’t leave you to decide on your own. You see, we want what’s best for you and your child, too. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It doesn’t mean you’re committing. It just means you’re thinking about it and want to know more.

What is an adoption plan?

When placing your child for adoption, you want a plan in place so you’ll know what to expect. As the birth mother, you have complete control over who raises your child, what environment they grow up in, and how much contact you’d like to have. The various plans are based on the amount of contact you want and how much private information you wish to share. 

Each state has different laws regarding when and how an adoption is completed. By working with a reputable agency, like A Gift of Hope Adoptions, you will completely understand the adoption process before you sign any paperwork. No one will force or manipulate you into making an adoption plan.

How do I create adoption plans?

As you meet with one of our adoption care coordinators, you’ll walk through what to expect legally, financially, and emotionally. You’ll share your hope about what you most desire for your child. 

Our counselors will talk with you about the various adoption plans, what you’re looking for in adoptive parents, and your time frame for completing the adoption. There are three plans to choose from: open, closed, and semi-open adoption. 

Open adoption

The most popular plan today is for open adoption. If you wish to have ongoing contact with your child and their adoptive family and are willing to share personal contact information, you’ll choose an open adoption plan. 

With open adoption, you and the adoptive family exchange identifying information such as full names, addresses, phone, and email. You can communicate regularly and even set up meetings. Open adoption gives you the chance to get to know the new family and your child. 

Closed adoption

If you would prefer to remain completely anonymous, you can choose a closed adoption plan. With this plan, you would have no direct contact with the adoptive family or your child. In addition, the adoptive parents would have very little, if any, information about you. No identifying information is exchanged. 

Although not as popular, closed adoptions are still done today for a variety of reasons. If you are in a volatile relationship, it might be best to choose a closed adoption for the safety of everyone. Some women prefer to not have contact in order to move on with their lives. The choice is entirely up to you.

Semi-open adoption 

In this plan, contact between the birth family and the adoptive family is handled through a third party, for instance, A Gift of Hope Adoptions. Correspondence could include cards, letters, and emails sent first to the agency and then forwarded to the recipient. It would even be possible to arrange a phone call or face-to-face visit, but everything would go through the agency first. 

Usually, in a semi-open adoption, the adoptive couple and the birth family know one another by their first names only, but no other identifying information is exchanged. It offers some privacy while still leaving room for contact. 

How we can help

There are pros and cons to each of these plans, but ultimately, the decision is entirely yours. After you’ve chosen your plan, you can begin the process of looking for the perfect adoptive family. In addition to the families directly linked to A Gift of Hope Adoptions, we have access to waiting couples nationwide. 

Circumstances change so if you’re a mother with a young child you feel you can no longer care for, or you’re an expecting mother, consider A Gift of Hope Adoptions. You want the best for your child, but it needs to be right for you, too. Let’s sit down and talk about the adoption process. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and offer the support you need. 

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