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Thinking about adoption? Wondering how it works or how it feels? Do you want to see families waiting to be parents or want to know more about a family you've seen on Facebook or on a flyer? If you want to see more profiles of waiting families fill out our Contact form and you can note in the comment box if there is a specific family you are interested in learning more about, or email and ask to see their profile. 


You are in a tough spot. You are faced with the decision of how to best care for yourself, your child or children, and maybe others as well. We know that you love your child and want what is best for everyone.

Every parent is faced with difficult choices surrounding their child’s care, and for you, that starts with whether or not adoption is the best choice for both of you. Let us listen to your situation and provide you with information and support to help you make the best decision for you and your child.



On any given day hundreds of women make the heartbreaking decision to place a child for adoption. You are not alone. But you are also not them. We know that your journey is unique to you, and we will help you navigate it with resources, information, and support.

We know you may be struggling with the decision, and may be getting a lot of unsolicited and unwanted advice from friends and family who can’t believe you would consider “putting your baby up for adoption.” We are here to tell you that placing a baby for adoption is absolutely a valid parenting choice, and you have every right to make that choice yourself. You know what is best for you and your children.



At A Gift of Hope Adoptions we understand that you are in a difficult position in your life, and you really just want the best for your child.  We understand that deciding on adoption is part of a bigger picture, and that you need both information and support for other things too.

First and foremost, our services are ALWAYS FREE to our expectant and birth parent clients. There may even be financial help available to you, depending on state law.

You ABSOLUTELY have the right to choose your child’s family, although you don’t have to if you don’t want to. You can view our current hopeful adoptive families, or ask us to find you a family based on your specific requests. We will make sure that any family you choose meets your requests and is legally approved to adopt.

On top of all that, our Adoption Counselors are here not just to listen, but offer information and referrals to area resources that may be helpful to you now and down the road. Examples may include ongoing support groups, financial resources, job search help, educational resources, child care resources, referrals to medical and legal resources, and much more.



Adoption requires a lot of trust. You can trust us to keep your story yours until you are ready to tell it. Remember, your story is your own and no one gets to tell you how to write it, feel it, or live it.  


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