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Thinking about adoption? Wondering how it works or how it feels? Do you want to see families waiting to be parents or want to know more about a family you've seen on Facebook or on a flyer? If you want to see more profiles of waiting families fill out our Contact form and you can note in the comment box if there is a specific family you are interested in learning more about, or email and ask to see their profile. Below are some common questions we get about the adoption process.

Why Should I choose A Gift of Hope Adoptions? A Gift of Hope Adoptions offers the highest quality services provided to families experiencing a crisis and considering adoption for their child or children. We listen to your needs, and work hard to help you meet them, regardless of whether or not you choose to make an adoption plan for your child. If you do choose adoption, we have carefully screened families waiting for a child to love. However, if you choose to parent your child we can help you find resources to do so. We want to help you make a decision with which you can be happy, and feel comfortable about your choice for the rest of your life.

 Who are the adoptive families?All families are   carefully screened and have home studies done to   ensure that they are in a position to properly care for   a child. They come in all shapes and sizes. You have   the option of choosing the family that fits your ideal of   a family suited to raise your child. All of them are   passionate about adopting as a way to build their   family and take their responsibilities very seriously.

 Do I have to pay for your services? Absolutely not!   All services are free to prospective birth parents. We   will provide you with counseling, referrals, and   information in addition to showing you approved,   waiting adoptive families. Do not let the prospect of   costs keep you from making the best decision for   your baby.

  Where is A Gift of Hope Adoptions located? A   Gift of Hope Adoptions is headquartered in Columbia,   Missouri, an ideal location for an agency providing   services to the entire state. However, you do not   need to reside in Missouri to receive services   provided by A Gift of Hope Adoptions. We work with   both birth families and adoptive families throughout   the United States, so if geography is important to you   we can accommodate. When you decide to make an adoption plan for your child, we will send you profiles of prospective adoptive families that match your wishes, regardless of where you live.

How do I select the adoptive parents?

After you have met or spoken on the phone with one of our counselors and gone over all the options available to you, you will receive profiles of individual adoptive families. We have most family profiles available in both electronic and hard copy formats, so let us know what works best for you. You can look through those at your leisure, and if there is a family you think might be right for you, your counselor will then contact that family to let them know that you have selected them. We refer to this process as “matching.” Once a match is made, depending on your comfort level you will be able to meet or contact the adoptive family. If you then decide that they are not right for you, a new match can be made. However, it is our goal to match families based on your priorities, so we have every confidence that you will love your child's adoptive family.

Will I be able to keep in touch with my child?

At A Gift of Hope Adoptions we believe that you are best able tell us what kind of contact desires you have, and that the adoptive family should be willing to maintain that level of contact. We do our best to show you families who will meet your contact desires, and we also realize that your contact desires may fluctuate throughout your life - and that's okay. You can always reach out to us to help you get back into contact with your child's adoptive family if you choose, and your child will always know how much you love him/her, and that you are making this tough decision with their best interests at heart. Above is a video detailing how important contact is to one birth mom; at A Gift of Hope Adoptions we know that you are best able to tell us what you want and don't want. We will work with you to keep the level of contact you know will make you the most comfortable.

How will my child feel about being adopted?

Every adoption is different, every child is different and every placement is different. Everyone has a different process they go through to absorb adoption, but generally the children who are adopted as babies see it as normal - it's how it's always been. Check out the testimonial below by Ruth, who was adopted as an infant (she is Stephanie's birth daughter, seen above). Also check out Everything to Me, a music video by Christian artist Mark Schultz, which expresses his love and gratitude for his birth mom.

When do I have to decide?

You can decide whether or not adoption is right when you feel it is an appropriate time for you. Some birth mothers decide very early during their pregnancy, others wait until after the baby is born. We encourage you to take all of the time that you need, and make a decision that feels best for you and your baby.

Is there a web page that offers support?

Yes! Fortunately there are several outspoken adoption advocates who experienced adoption by making adoption plans for their children. They are here to support you in your decision and help you through the emotional process. A few links to their support forums below.

I have more questions!

If you would like to find out more about the services offered by A Gift of Hope Adoptions or would like an information packet, contact A Gift of Hope Adoptions with the Contact Form. You are also welcome to call, stop by, or email our office. Our introductory packet includes information you will need to help you with this difficult decision. We have resources to help you, whatever you decide. We help you make that decision without judging you or your situation, or pushing you in any direction.

Privacy Disclaimer: A Gift of Hope Adoptions is a licensed adoption agency and we are entrusted with protecting your privacy. The information that you provide to us will be used only for the purpose of providing further information to you about your adoption options.