The adoption process can seem challenging whether you’re an expectant mother thinking about placing your newborn or a birth mom with a young child wanting to make an adoption plan. Every person’s journey is unique, but women choosing adoption either before birth or after can face similar emotions. Make sure, as you work through the process, you have the support and encouragement you need.

You pay nothing

When making an adoption plan for your child, it’s essential to work with an adoption professional who can guide you every step of the way. You should never be asked to pay money for placing your child. The entire process should be completely free of charge for individuals or couples. In Missouri, it’s illegal to “pay” someone in exchange for their consent to an adoption.

Expectant Moms

After deciding adoption is the option you want to pursue for your unborn baby, your next step is to choose a family. Read How Do I Place My Baby For Adoption for more information. After your baby is born, Missouri requires you to wait at least 48 hours before giving consent to terminate your parental rights.  

Giving consent means you agree to the adoption plan and are willing to give up your rights to your child. It’s great if the father of your baby is involved. However, if he is unknown or unwilling to cooperate, the adoption process can still proceed. If both birth parents’ parental rights are correctly terminated, the adoption becomes final and cannot be changed.

If you’re currently pregnant and planning to choose adoption for your baby, it’s possible to arrange for the adoptive parents to pay for certain expenses. There are standards for what is considered reasonable and unreasonable expenses for private, domestic adoption in Missouri. Generally, the types of expenses commonly allowed by statute include: 

  • Maternity-related medical and hospital costs 
  • Temporary living expenses of the mother during pregnancy
  • Counseling services 
  • Reasonable legal fees 
  • Travel costs, meals, and lodging when necessary for court appearances or accessing services

Birth Moms

There are many reasons why women choose adoption later. It’s completely acceptable. Perhaps you’ve brought your baby home and now realize you are unable to care for your baby along with your other children. Or, you didn’t know the amount of responsibility required to parent. 

Whatever your reason, if you currently have a baby or older child at home and find parenting challenging, consider making an adoption plan. It’s never too late to choose this option if doing so will be better for you and your child. As a birth mom, you can sign the paperwork at any time, then choose the type of plan that’s best for both of you. 

The Adoption Option

Adoption creates a permanent, stable home for your child. By choosing the type of plan and participating in ongoing contact after placement, you can be assured your child is thriving, safe, and loved.  

A Gift of Hope Adoptions is a licensed Missouri adoption agency based in Columbia, Missouri. Not only do we serve the entire state, but we can also assist you if you are located outside of Missouri. If you are a woman or couple looking to make an adoption plan for your unborn baby or young child, we are here to serve you. Although adoption is an emotional and challenging journey, we promise to be alongside you every step of the way. Contact us today.

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