We’re so glad you’re here. We imagine you never thought in your wildest dreams you’d be looking at adoption as a possible answer to your current situation. Of course, you probably didn’t think you’d be unexpectedly pregnant either.

Although many women have made this choice before you, how you got to this moment and your reasons for considering adoption are uniquely yours. You only want what’s best for you and the future of your child.

Choosing to place for adoption

You need to know that whatever your reasons, placing your child for adoption is absolutely a valid parenting choice. Choosing adoption does not change the fact that you are a mother or father. It means you’ve decided to parent differently.

You want your child’s best. Whether you choose to make an adoption plan or decide to parent, how can we help you?

Answers to some of your questions:

1.) What does it cost me to place my child for adoption?

A birth or expectant mother should never be asked to pay for adoption services. At A Gift of Hope Adoptions, our services are ALWAYS FREE to you. 

2.) Will I still have parental rights after the adoption?

Placing your child for adoption does not mean you are “co-parenting.” Legal adoptions permanently transfer all rights and responsibilities from the birth parent(s) to the adoptive family, but you will always be a part of your child’s life story.

3.) What if the birth father is no longer in the picture?

You can still pursue an adoption plan even if the birth father is uninvolved. A birth father’s rights are complex and vary on a case-by-case basis.

4.) Am I able to stay in touch with my child?

Talk to us about the level of contact you desire and we will help locate the right family for you.

5.) Do you only handle adoptions of newborns?

A Gift of Hope Adoptions also assists women who are no longer pregnant and wish to place their older child. We know circumstances change, and sometimes your ability to care for a young child is difficult.

6.) What if I change my mind?

Our counselors will spend time with you making sure you have thoroughly thought through adoption. At any point before the birth of your child, you are free to change your mind. States vary on the amount of time you are given after the baby’s birth.

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By contacting us, you are not committing to any adoption process. If you are ready to see how A Gift of Hope Adoptions can help you, reach out to us. You can text, phone, or email, and someone will get back to you immediately.

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