You’ve been through a lot to get here. Your hearts are hurting, but your hopes are high. We want to assure you, A Gift of Hope Adoptions offers the highest-quality services available in adoption today.

We get it. It’s a demanding, emotional undertaking, but our Adoption Counselors are here for you. We promise to support you every step of the way. You can trust our staff is up-to-date on trends and studies related to adoption issues, and we pledge to work with you to find the best possible solution for building your family.

Answers to some adoption questions

1.) How do we begin the process of adopting?

Selecting the type of adoption you are interested in pursuing is your first step. Choose between a public, private, independent, international, domestic, infant, older child, or special needs adoption. Do your research thoroughly to understand the various qualifications, restrictions, time frames, and legalities.

2.) What type of adoption service provider is A Gift of Hope?

A Gift of Hope Adoptions is a private adoption agency licensed in Missouri specializing in domestic infant adoptions, including minority and special needs adoptions.

3.) Where is A Gift of Hope Adoptions located?

We are located in Columbia, Missouri, situated half-way between St. Louis and Kansas City. If you are not located in mid-Missouri, our licensed social workers, located in other parts of the state, still offer a convenient, personalized connection.

4.) I live in Missouri. How much of the process can you handle?

For Missourians, our services include home studies, matching, and post-placement assistance, all of which are typically required by every state’s law.

If you are not interested in domestic infant adoption, we can still provide certain aspects of the adoption process, such as a home study or post-placement assessment.

5.) I don’t live in Missouri. Can A Gift of Hope Adoptions still help me?

You do not have to reside in Missouri to utilize the services of our agency. We work with couples throughout the entire nation and present all of our client profiles to birth mothers nationwide.

6.) How do we find a birth mother?

At A Gift of Hope Adoptions, we work with a wide variety of birth mothers and expectant mothers who have decided to make an adoption plan for their child(ren). They come from all over the country and from all walks of life.

By keeping your options open and considering other placement types, you may reduce your wait time and costs.

7.) What is a “match”?

Expecting parents can decide which family will raise their child. When they look at your profile and choose you to be their baby’s family, they let our social worker know. You are contacted and told you have been chosen. If you agree to the adoption, a “match” is made!

There is no way to predict the amount of time it will take for you to be matched. Because we advertise nationwide for birth parents, our average wait time is shorter than in many other places.

8.) What is a home study?

Almost every state requires a home study before you can adopt. It is just what it sounds like, a study of your home life. A social worker comes to your home to interview you and perhaps other family members about your life, family history, how you were raised, and why you want to adopt.

The social worker will document whether your home is safe and if you have a place for the child to sleep. Additional documents such as criminal background checks, medical and character references, and autobiographies are requested.

9.) What is “ICPC”?

ICPC stands for Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children. This is a process that takes place when the birth family and the adoptive family reside in different states. At A Gift of Hope Adoptions, we will prepare and help you submit the documents for both states to approve.

10.) What is “open” adoption, and do you provide them?

At A Gift of Hope Adoptions, we work case-by-case to arrange an adoption plan that is comfortable and acceptable for everyone. We have done fully closed adoptions, completely open adoptions, and anywhere in between. The terms are set at the birth mother’s request, and you have the choice to agree or disagree.

Open adoption means the birth family and the adoptive family exchange all identifying information. The majority of the adoptions we arrange fall into the semi-open range.

11.) Do birth mothers ever try to take their child back?

Our adoption specialists only operate with the utmost professionalism. We actively seek representation in whatever state your birth mother is in to guarantee the laws of that state are followed correctly. The birth mother’s and birth father’s rights will not be terminated until all parties are aware of and agree to the process.

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