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We Are Honored!

We are so honored to announce that Hickman High School Senior, Jacob Gunn (@JacobGunn_14), has selected us to be his charity for the Hickman High School Courtwarming! IMG_3574[1] We want to help Jacob raise money, because it will directly benefit one of our waiting families. All of the money Jacob raises will offset one of our waiting families' fees, making it that much easier for them to afford adoption! And why would a young man who who is involved in high school soccer and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes be so moved to bless an adoptive family he has never met? Jacob knows first hand how awesome adoption is, because he was adopted into his family! Jacob says, "I am adopted, and I want the process to be easier for other families because I know how expensive it can be." Because Jacob is determined to help create families through adoption, we thought there was no better way to apply his money than to give it to one of our waiting families to help offset their adoption expenses. (Hey, if he raises enough maybe more than one!) I asked Jacob what he would say to someone who is considering placing a child for adoption. His response was, "Do what is best for the kid. It's very hard to give away someone you love but if it will give them a better life, then that's what should be done. My parents were very young when they had me; because they put me up for adoption it has allowed me to live a great life with a loving family." Jacob is saying from the adoptee perspective what we often tell expectant parents considering adoption - YOU ARE BEING A GOOD MOM (or Dad)! You are putting the needs of your child over everything else, even yourself, and that's exactly what being a good mom looks like. I bet both of his sets of parents are really proud of him right now. Courtwarming is Friday, February 17, so you have a week to donate! To donate, you can contact Jacob directly (or donate to him via PayPal using the button below) or you can send your donations to A Gift of Hope Adoptions marked "Courtwarming Fundraiser" and we will make sure he gets them ASAP! Thanks so much to Jacob and all of you who support adoption!
Send donations to: A Gift of Hope Adoptions 303 N. Stadium Blvd, #200 Columbia, MO 65203