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Holiday Blues and Adoption

by Tina Fisher

Many people feel a little melancholy during this time of year.

Some even get depressed.

Holiday Blues and Adoption

The prospect of facing the holidays without loved ones now gone can be sadly overwhelming. Prospective parents waiting to adopt experience that like the rest of us. Add to that the waiting game. They are anxiously waiting to adopt a new family member. They are anxious that another holiday is approaching without the pitter-patter of little footsteps. Will we ever adopt? It's more common than waiting families realize.  

We receive many calls this time of year asking, "Is it possible to find us a child before Christmas?" Some say it jokingly and others are very serious. Like any other time of the year, there are generally placements in November and December, but not nearly enough to calm the fears and assuage the sadness of adoptive families. Everyone wants the same thing.

This year, we do have some good news to share. A couple of our adoptive families received the news they have awaited. They had been chosen - one long waiting family getting a midnight call out of the blue to get in the car and go! Christmas miracles do happen! For waiting families, it can be hard to celebrate for others, but it gives us all encouragement and hope. Just as these families are now rejoicing their blessings, so will each adoptive family when the timing is right.

Yes, it can be difficult and hard to wait over the holidays. Take this time to count your blessings - the ones you already have! You can do many things that will bring the Christmas spirit into your hearts. There are so many worthy causes such as Angel Tree and other organizations that do Christmas for needy children. Focus your efforts on finding a child in need through your local Rotary club or service organizations such as Elks or Toys for Tots. In our community, we have a group that is called Promising Christmas. They find out from teachers which students need help, and they deliver Christmas right to their homes. No one ever knows who they are. I have been an "elf" on those Santa runs and I can attest that there is never a dry eye in the house when you drop off a tree, food, and presents for the kids

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So, while you work through your holiday grief, find joy in doing things that will make a child smile. It may be a foster child. It may be a child who eventually finds a loving home but remembers the kindness of others during a tough time for them as well. We would love to hear about how you spread holiday cheer.

One thing I know is that the more you give, the more you receive and you will always cherish the memories of doing something for others. Please share your stories with us so that we can share them with all of our prospective and waiting families. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours and a blessed and prosperous New Year!

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