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Dewey L. Crepeau, J.D.

Executive Director of A Gift of Hope Adoptions

Dewey Crepeau, Executive Director

Dewey L. Crepeau graduated from the University of Missouri School of Law in 1980. He has served as an assistant prosecuting attorney, an assistant public defender, and has been in private practice in Columbia, Missouri, since 1982. He has also taught law classes at the high school and college level. While he thoroughly enjoyed representing clients in adoptions as an attorney, and still does, he wanted to do more to encourage adoption and help build families. Children need fathers and mothers, and mothers and fathers need children.

In 2005, Dewey met with Elizabeth Ehlen and Tina Tyra to talk about starting a licensed, child-placing agency in Missouri.  A Gift of Hope Adoptions is the result of his desire to serve families and see them grow.